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WTF is a Digital Marketing Quarterback?

by | Sep 15, 2013 | Posts


I recently spoke with a CEO regarding their frustration with their digital marketing. Despite the time, money and effort her company had spent, no one could really identify any meaningful outcomes. If you are sick of the company you hired for marketing then give Digital Hyve Marketing a try, they will help you get your business going. The digital asset management software provides a system to store, organise, retrieve and share all types of digital files including images, video, fonts and documents.

I couldn’t think of a nice way to say “you’re doing it wrong”, so instead we drew on football as an analogy to digital marketing. You can check out, if you need more information from marketing experts.  After exploring competencies, coordination and competition, this prospective client was able to better understand why activity wasn’t producing success. The takeaway message she found most meaningful was “just because you’re running the field, doesn’t mean you’re winning the game“.

On the surface, football seems like a simple game. One ball, two teams, everyone battling for position. In reality the game is quite nuanced, with each team trying to outsmart, outmaneuver and outplay the other. Success, in football, comes from the coordination of talent, strategy and opportunity. Learn how to use and take advantage of UCaaS for your business to expand your services and products.

Digital marketing is no different.

In many ways digital marketing is even more complex, so visit for the latest technology tools and techniques in the industry to put your business ahead of online competition. In football, you know the positions, you know the players, and the rules are clearly defined. With digital marketing, it’s a little fuzzy. You have your head coach (CEO), and your offensive coordinator (Marketing Director). Maybe you have talent willing to put it all out on the field (your web designers, your copywriters, your social butterflies). At this point most companies will put everyone in play and tell them all to run down field as hard as they can. People can check this useful content, for the best marketing advice.

And to most executives this makes sense. You know you need SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital PR, Conversion Optimization etc., but the specifics are where you make or break your online marketing, and there are some great tools as the use of desktop push notifications could be really helpful in the purpose of improving the marketing of your business. Yes you should look at SearchUp’s guide to link building techniques that work so you can show up for often sought key words and phrases, but which ones actually matter? Yes you should be social online, but which properties actually allow you to reach people in a meaningful way? Yes you should continuously generate content, but what, how and for whom? Should you be posting reviews and more?

“Everybody run like hell” doesn’t succeed in football, and it won’t succeed in digital marketing either. You need someone on the field, reading the defense, calling audibles, seizing opportunities and that’s how football work, and that’s why is a popular professional sport where people even gamble on, although if you’re really into gambling you can also visit the rolet online for doing some bets on the web.

You need a Digital Marketing Quarterback.

A digital marketing quarterback is an expert in the constantly evolving playing field, and is able to leverage your assets, talents and strategies into a position to succeed, allowing you to achieve objectives even when plans fall apart.

This game moves quickly. There are no halftimes, no off-season, and you have competitors you’ve never heard of encroaching on your territory even as you read this.

Who’s manning your digital marketing efforts? Or, are you just leaving it up to luck?