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Social Media Marketing

by | May 23, 2012

Follow, like, stumble, pin, plus, add, share – These terms have become part of speech. It’s how information is conveyed and consumed. Social media is the town square, marketplace, and breakroom water cooler. It’s where people share what they’ve seen, said, thought or did. It’s all there.

“Did you hear?” “Have you seen?” The social Web is pervasive, and no one can afford not to participate. How you listen, speak and are heard is too important to be left to chance. On a good day, social media efforts live up to the hype – engaging people in ways never imagined. On a bad day, it can be awkward, time consuming and ineffective. It’s time to start paying attention to social media.

Whether you’re establishing a presence or beefing up your brand, you’re not working in a vacuum. Considering the impact of social signals in search, your social media tactic is one of the primary keys for a successful online presence and to achieve conversion wins. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be a gamble – but if you’re not at least trying something, you don’t know what you’re missing.

We can help you build a social media framework, including obtaining appropriate social media properties, creating a tactical plan, targeting the content worth sharing and discovering the most effective tools to meet your objectives. Then, we actually stick around to help you execute your plan. And, we’ll use data, research and your audiences’ feedback to evaluate in real-time how the decided upon tactics are performing.

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