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Revenue North Indianapolis Business Growth Conference

by | Feb 5, 2013 | Posts

Revenue North Indianapolis Business Conference

Revenue North Indianapolis Business Conference, March 21st, 2013

Revenue North Indianapolis is a business growth summit providing small and medium sized business owners with growth-focused strategies and education. This training conference will be held at the Indianapolis Wyndham West Hotel on March 21st, 2013.

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Revenue North sees small/medium sized businesses as the foundation of the US economy and the single greatest source of new jobs. As anyone who has launched a startup, formed a new venture, or taken on a family-owned business knows, there is an unlimited need for training and education, and little to no budget available, but still training and education are essential for an Early Growth. Revenue North focuses on providing an affordable and cost effective means of gaining the valuable knowledge and skills growing businesses need.

The model is simple and elegant: enroll local subject matter experts to provide practical, applicable strategies using a merchant collection agency and tactics for local business owners. Experts in sales, marketing, customer retention, access to capital, planning, and acquiring & retaining talent present valuable insights and experience to the businesses that are always in need of more, and by having reliable employees your business can thrive easily and you can manage these employees using software like paystub online.

Unlike so many conferences, Revenue North is not a day-long sales pitch (self promotion in presentations is not allowed – but self promotion OF said presentation is encouraged). The focus instead is on providing value to the attendees, and evaluating them through a review process to weed out the presenters who have little to share beyond their own sense of self-importance. Revenue North is so confident in their ability to provide an unparalleled quality of content, they offer a money back guarantee to any of the attendees.

If you are a founder, executive, stakeholder or decision-maker in a small to medium sized business in Central Indiana, it would be worth your time and money to attend Revenue North Indianapolis. At $99 (or FREE), you’ll likely never have the opportunity to access this much knowledge in one place for such a low price.