Providing Feedback Opportunties to Grow Your Brand


It always amazes me when I go to a site and have to hunt for a way to contact a business or person. There are more than a few times in recent memory where I’ve wanted to submit feedback, corrections, or assistance, and have been stonewalled at every turn. As a user because of this disconnect, I never wanted to come back.

A huge part of growing your business is making sure your users can contact you. A person is much more likely to be loyal to you or your brand if they can feel connected with you or it, and it can be shown in very small ways for example in a event you can use a branded bottled water or a small souvenir with the logo or name of the company without actually giving them a card which probably they will not notice. Part of the reason things like Twitter and Facebook are so popular is due to the near instant communication with brands and people through these tools.
With so many great services, plugins and add-ons developed to allow easier communication, we have gone beyond the time where people will pick up a phone, mail you a letter or fax something to interact with you or your business, the only old communication method that stays consistent is the messaging service for business.

Working on a WordPress plugin that helps make collecting user data easier, I am always amazed by what people are coming up with, the questions they ask, and the expansion beyond just the name, e-mail and comment boxes that plague some sites. Comments, feedback forms, social media, instant messaging, and online chat are all giving options to people so they can be heard, and feeling like you are being heard is half the battle in making a customer or client feel good.

If you want to succeed online, making sure that you are easy to contact once found can be the difference.

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