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“There is nothing wrong with change if it’s in the right direction.” Winston Churchill

How well is your internet marketing strategy working?  Is your site getting the amount of traffic you had envisioned?   Is your brand what you hoped?   Most of us ask these types of questions when we find things aren’t working as we had hoped, but how do we really know when it’s time to make a change to our message.

One of the advantages to internet marketing, more so than any other medium is the ability to evaluate the performance of your campaign and make changes accordingly.  Through many of the tools provided by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others we have a pretty large arsenal of tools at our disposal to evaluate the performance of our internet branding efforts.  The difficulty however lies in taking the mountains of data at our disposal and turning that information into real life decisions.  So how do we turn data into real life information?

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics data is a wealth of information; it’s almost overwhelming how much information you have at your disposal.   But what do you do with it?  Here are some tips to transform analytics from data to decisions.

  •  Set Goals It’s difficult to know if you’re effectively reaching your target audience if you’re not really sure what you would consider effective.   Google analytics allows users to set goals for site usage and monitor progress toward that goal.  Wanting to increase your positioning in search engine results is really not a clear goal.  How many people do you want to see your site daily?  More importantly how many views are resulting in a favorable action such as a sale or request for more information?   Clearly defined goals will not only better enable you to monitor your site’s performance; it will help you to better understand your vision for your web marketing campaign.
  • Involve Everyone in Interpretation If you are responsible for compiling web analytics data for your organization, the task can quickly become nothing more than number crunching.  Involving everyone from leadership to sales to support staff will allow you to gain valuable insights. Good analytics interpretation is business first and technology second.
  •  Patience Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s important to consider trends over an extended period of time, not just a spike from week to week.
  • Look at the bigger picture   Your web site is only one component of your internet marketing campaign.   Social media interaction, phone traffic and email campaigns are all measurable.  Google has done an amazing job of integrating social media data into its reporting tools.

Web analytics interpretation is a balance between technology, analysis and business intuition.  Analytics data when used properly is a great tool to assist in making informed marketing decisions for your company, you just need to make sure you protect your data at all times, for those interested, there is a great Business Data Protection available at Venyu`s website.

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