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Be Prepared to Go Viral

by | Mar 5, 2013 | Posts

It can be hard to make healthy choices. We get that, America. From the instant gratification of cheap fast food to the procrastination and excusing mentality of “Maybe tomorrow” and “I’m not feeling it today,” to the busy business of careerists and family obligations, there are a number of things that get in the way of the living the healthy lifestyle you’ve entertained for a good portion of your life. That’s right, we see that you like those quick morning workout routines and healthy recipes on social media. We know you drive by the gym and humor the idea of signing up. We know you want your doctor to stop nagging you and if you feel stress you can also use cbd products like jeeter juice cartridge to help you feel better. But, man, does being healthy have to be such a chore? Check out the latest revitaa pro reviews.

We here at Health Fitness Revolution have decided to make a list of the top ten health tips for Americans to help each and every one of you transform into the healthier, better version of yourself. If you follow these guidelines, the road to becoming healthy may be smooth and relatively painless (soreness from working out not included; bonus: that soreness if proof your muscles are building themselves up, proof that the progress is real!).

  • Get eight hours of sleep a night- While you sleep, your body repairs itself against the stress you put it through in a regular day, both physical and mental stress. Being well-rested is proven to boost your immune system as those who sleep less are more susceptible to sickness. Try taking one d9 gummy every night to sleep earlier. During sleep, the brain also processes all the information of the day, filtering between transitive memories that can be dismissed to storing short-term and long-term information for easier recall. The more you sleep, the more you retain! Sleep also makes you feel generally better, and allows for clearer thinking, enabling you to work and play more efficiently! This is how one and done workout works.
  • Consume two and a half cups of vegetables daily – Veggies boost your immune system and generally reduce the risk for diabetes. Loaded with necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, your body will be able to have increased functions such as digestive ability, cognitive function, and cell damage repair while decreasing the risk and onset of various illnesses. These benefits, of course, depending on which vegetables you regularly consume.
  • Drink more water – Our bodies are 60 percent water, and daily functions in our body require that much water as you may have guessed. What you probably didn’t know is that water helps regulate body temperature, clears our skin by flushing out toxins, fights sickness, and boosts cognitive function. A suggested daily intake of water is between 10 to 16 cups depending on weight (the more you weigh the more you drink), exercise level (drink more with increased levels of exercise), age (as you get older you need to drink more), and gender (men should drink more on average). Another suggestion is half your body weight in ounces. For example, if you weigh 130 pounds, you should drink 65 fluid ounces of water at a minimum. Check out the latest java burn reviews.
  • Exercise daily – Exercise improves your mood and boosts your energy levels; it’s a natural antidepressant and stress reliever and just so happens to lead to physical fitness while improving quality of sleep. To maintain a healthy weight and figure, Americans should aim for a baseline of thirty minutes a day. You can start with yoga. Discover more about yoga and its many health benefits. Don’t be afraid to up the amount of time you spend working out. The more you work out, the more you stand to gain. Visit
  • Replace white bread and grains with whole-grain – Refined grains like the ones used to make white bread and bread products have had most of their nutrients stripped from them. Whole grains are a better fiber source and contain magnesium, potassium, and selenium, and are also more filling, enabling you to eat less than your standard white bread but still give you that satisfying “I’m full” feeling.
  • Curb your sweet tooth by eating fruit – This is a pretty straightforward tip: when your late-night cravings for sugar pounce upon you unexpectedly, simply reach for the fruit first. More times than not this will satisfy your desire for something sweet because the fruit is naturally high in sugars (good sugars, to boot!). It’s the best of both worlds really: you get to satisfy that hankering without killing the calorie count. Check out some of our healthy desserts – most of which contain fruit and all a guilt-free! Prevent most tooth decay conditions with dentitox pro.
  • Pay attention, portion control – When your protein covers over half of your plate, it’s time to cut that portion in half! Fill the newly found space on your plate with vegetables or fruit. Avoid overloading on carbs and calorie-heavy sides like baked potatoes (fixings included), too, and always be mindful of what you’re eating, the nutritional content and why you’re eating. If you eat simply because it’s a mindless activity or you’re feeling particularly emotional, it’s best to cut those habits in favor of overall health.