Timing Is Everything


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The word “timing” or the concept of “time” has been sneaking into my consciousness with some regularity recently. I’m sure there are a variety of reasons for it lately as I’ve been busy with projects, squeezing in hours on my day and working with deadlines on a few things that have time sensitivity to them. Even getting this blog post out today has reminded me about timing because I really had hoped to get published sooner than now.

Thus, “Timing is Everything” keeps popping up.

It was mentioned at the beginning of the week in our staff meetings as something that should be specifically thought about when engaging in a new project or campaign with a client. What items on the calendar should we be aware of as we plan things out?

There are the basic challenges of how many days do we have between start and our desired completion date. Roll into that challenges with individual schedules of people, is the project manager going on vacation for a week in the middle? Is the developer getting married and probably not open to a late night coding session while on his honeymoon?

What about seasonal events that are unique to an industry? If you’re talking to an accountant, I doubt you’ll get them to agree to have their site launched in April. I’m sure many of them will be neck-deep in their busiest time of year with tax season.

There could also be events that take place in your area at a certain time. For instance, here in Indianapolis, we probably wouldn’t recommend a launch of something new for a company around the month of May. In the days leading up to May, through-out May and a little after, the topic around this city is racing with the Indianapolis 500. Unless your client or their project ties in well with the theme of racing, it’s likely that your press and marketing will have to fight for the attention of local residents who are also being overwhelmed with announcements and information about the big race. Overload!

The key is to be aware of and realistic of the time window ahead of you. We’ve all heard that “time is money”, but that’s not really the case. Some budgets are small, some are huge and some are enormous, but they all have 24 a day to get things done in like the rest of us. But, I will concede a higher investment can get you the resources for accomplishing goals in a shorter amount of time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go check the balance on my Daylight Savings of Time. I’ve been using it for years, but I still don’t seem to have any available funds in that account to make a withdrawal and get some more stuff done.

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