Strategic Digital Marketing Solutions

Marketing is complicated. The Internet is complicated as well. So why is it that so many search and social media companies seem to know what you need before learning anything about you? More importantly, how can you be expected to make an informed decision about what they are trying to sell you - before you buy it?

The truth is that social media, marketing and design companies have found that driving consumers into a one-size-fits-all (or even three-sizes-fit-all) is far more profitable than providing education, solutions and services that are tailored to best fit an organization to effectively, efficiently and elegantly meet its objectives. The best part of this consumable model is that it’s easy to sell, and its easy to buy. So you buy it.

Fast forward hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars later: you’ve spent a significant amount of time and resources chasing the latest “new” thing, and now you have little (or nothing) to show for it. You’re no longer being dazzled with double talk and colorful reports about rankings or impressions or followers, and you’re beginning to suspect that these were insubstantial objectives in the first place. At this point, you’ve lost time, opportunity and faith.

Now you have two options -

  • turn your back on the single greatest opportunity your business has to reach and influence potential customers, or
  • Dust yourself off and get back in the game.

You can’t outsource learning this new medium of marketing- despite the promises, it doesn’t work that way. What you need is a trusted adviser to help you understand:

  • What opportunities exist, and if they are attainable.
  • What options are a good fit for your business model.
  • How to build a solid, sustainable foundation
  • How to leverage your existing assets and resources
  • How to measure your results and ROI
  • How to adapt to a landscape that changes daily

Stewardship is an all-but-forgotten concept in the digital arena. To care for and manage the estate of another is generally discarded in favor of selling something that people are buying. Products are most profitable when they are worth far less than they cost. Relationships are most valuable when they are worth far more than they cost.

Our role is to produce a comprehensive image of your online opportunities and a clear picture of what is necessary to achieve your objectives. Our process will provide you with information and education to understand your context, evaluate your content and to make informed decisions regarding your digital marketing. Our deliverables will be an ongoing cohesive, effective set of digital marketing strategy, priorities, and objectives. Our relationship provides ongoing consultation, direction and support in the execution of said digital marketing strategies.