Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People search. It’s a fact – more than 29 million searches happenevery minute. People know what they want, they know how to find it, and they’re ready to make a decision. People who are looking for what you have to offer are more motivated and educated than ever before. They’re also more accustomed to doing things “the easy way.” If they have a problem, they go to their computer, tablet or smart phone to find the answer. The evolution of technology has created a shift in human behavior.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the systematic approach of generating traffic from organic and natural listings that are presented on search engines. These search engines rank your website, images, videos and other content based on the relevancy and added value to the user. Knowing how to maneuver in the world of search is critical to your organization’s success.

SEO asks the question “how do you get your users’ attention?” From keyword research to website optimization, you start by learning the language your customers use. Then, you create helpful content that adds value to their lives. Next, use the appropriate digital channels to increase your online presence. In the game of search you have to make it simple. You have to deliver your message to the user at the right time, in the right place while using their lingo.

The need for immediate gratification diminishes the minutes consumers will spend searching through pages and pages of results. You have to be accessible and approachable. If your audience lives in the 21st century, SEO is a smart start, but it’s only the beginning. Once we learn and understand your customers and your business, we find ways to leverage your current assets.

SEO and digital marketing should be an intricate component of your overarching marketing plan. We can help fill in the gaps and guide you on how to connect the dots. We will create the appropriate conversion metrics like rankings, impressions and clicks to make sure we’re always on the right track. SEO and other online strategies provide something traditional marketing lacked – immediate feedback and data.

While technology is essential and the robots are part of the game, we’ll keep our eyes on the real prize – the person on the other end of the mouse. Rankings are only as valuable as the relationships that result, but they sure make one hell of an introduction.