Pinterest Secret Boards: How To Use Them To Your Advantage


Pinterest Secret Pinboards

Pinterest  recently announced the addition of private boards, which may seem a little odd to some. It may seem odd because until now Pinterest has been used mostly to refer traffic back to your website or blog. However, with the addition of private pinboards you’ll be able to cash in on a few other benefits as well.

Use private Pinterest boards to your advantage by:

Watching Your Competitors

Now that you don’t have to share your pins with everyone, you can keep a closer eye on what your competitors are doing. This isn’t sneaky, it’s just smart. Create a board called “Competitor X” and start pinning their blogs, new products, and other relevant information. This will give you the opportunity to build a strategy without sharing your plan with the whole world.

Sharing Ideas Internally

If your business consists of creating content in some form or fashion, then Pinterest is probably already a part of your planning mix. If not, it should be. Now you can use private boards to share ideas with specific groups or individuals. You can invite users who need to be involved and exclude those who aren’t a part of the project. Genius!


Lets be honest, sometimes pinboards get a little crazy and start to look a bit confusing when you use them for planning purposes. That’s okay, it’s all part of the process. Creativity is rarely tidy, right? Private boards allow you the opportunity to conceal your brainstorming efforts rather than publicly displaying all the quotes, photos, and graphics that inspire you. This privacy will give you time to process these big ideas and eventually turn them into something more presentable.

As with anything, private pinboards do have a few rules, but luckily the rules are pretty simple. You only get three boards and you can’t convert a public board to private. For more information on private boards take a look at the Pinterest support page.

These are just a few of the benefits of using private Pinterest boards. If you’ve used them, what did you use them for? How’d it work out?

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