Is Helpful, Accredited, and Worth It?


  • 2,000+ courses
  • 107,000+ video tutorials
  • 250+ authors
  • 400+ employees
  • 2,500,000 members

… as little as $25/month is an online video tutorial and training website that teaches computer skills in video format to members through monthly and annual subscriptions.  The goal of the website is to teach users software, business, and design skills to achieve their personal and professional aspirations.

The company was co-founded by Lynda Weinman, a computer instructor and author with a strong background in media arts and design, and her husband, Bruce Heavin.  The website was originally used as a free web resource for Lynda’s students, then transformed into a site for her books on design, and is now an online virtual knowledge library with over 107,000 video tutorials authored by industry experts.

What Does Offer? offers a wide variety of subjects/courses including 3D and animation, audio, business, design, development, home computing, photography, video, and web and interactive design, to name a few.  Software specialties include Adobe, Dreamweaver, ActionScript, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Apple, Final Cut Pro, and many more.

Lynda is often first-to-market on software training due to their close relationships with large software companies.

Who are the Lynda Authors? features over 250 authors for their video tutorials. These authors are considered experts in their respective industries.  The majority of them are past or current educators and teachers at accredited universities.  These authors earn royalties from Lynda’s shared revenue model.  A reported ninety percent of Lynda’s educators earn their entire annual income by producing videos for

Simply put, the ones behind the knowledge of the video tutorials are the best of the best.  All authors are required to pass a rigorous hiring process in order to be granted the ability to become an official Lynda author.

Who are Lynda Members?

  • More than half of the Fortune 100 companies
  • 6 out of the top 10 advertising agencies
  • 16 of the top 20 media companies
  • 44 of the top 50 national universities
  • 31 state governments
  • All branches of the U.S. military
  • Google, Amazon, Yale University, Disney, Pixar, HBO, ABC, Time Warner, and Sony
  • US House of Representatives, CIA, FAA, USPS, and the Executive Office of the President of the United States

How Much Does Lynda Cost?

A subscription grants members unlimited access to a vast library of over 2,000 courses and over 107,000 high quality, current, and engaging video tutorials. Approximately 24 new courses and topics are added every month at no extra cost.

The Basic Membership is $25 per month, and a Premium Membership is $37.50 per month.  The added benefit of the Premium Membership is the inclusion of exercise files as extra study material.

There is a discount available on groups of five or more subscriptions, as well as custom training solutions for schools or businesses.

Is Lynda Useful in the Workplace?

Why not use Lynda in the workplace as well? If your company is in the ever-changing industries of technology, computer science, or design, Lynda is an outstanding tool to have at your and your coworkers’ disposal.  It can act as a hub of information, training and education to keep your company up-to-date on the latest updates, products, and software in your industry.

Is Worth It?

At as low as $25 per month, is far cheaper and much more efficient than any college course could possibly be.

According to, the average cost of tuition per credit at an online university is around $200-300 for undergraduate level business courses, and between $500-600 for technology or computer science courses.  At that price, one could have a subscription for nearly two full years, and have access to far more information and knowledge than what could be presented in a college course.

In the corporate world, you can use Lynda as a wonderful and thorough training tool for new and current employees. You shouldn’t have to consult your company’s accountants to determine that at $25 per month, Lynda can be a much cheaper and efficient training option if your company deals with Lynda subjects on a daily basis.  Training is expensive, especially when you factor in opportunity cost.

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