How to Lower Your Content Handicap

How to Lower Your Content Handicap

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Normal visitors to this blog, or even if this post is your first visit, have probably heard this theory that traditional SEO is dead. While the SEO world is in transition, with traditional methods still holding value, I think some parallels can be drawn to something else near and dear to my heart.

Before I hopped on the wave that is online marketing I was a golf professional. No not a professional golfer, a golf professional. The difference you ask? I never played on TV and I had a few less zeros on my paycheck. One of the things I liked best about my job was giving golf lessons. Numerous men, women and children at various stages of their golf development entrusted me to help them improve in much the same way clients trust Deep Ripples to improve their SEO. Do you want to know what type of golfer was easiest to help improve?

The worst ones.

How can that be you may ask. The worse a golfer is the harder it should be to get them to hit the ball better. Shouldn’t it be easier to help someone who is really good since they can do what you ask of them? The answer is absolutely not. To improve a good players handicap by just one stroke can take a lot of in-depth video lessons, strategy and even sessions with sports psychologists. The same goes for companies that already understand the new SEO model. If a company is already producing a lot of content and leveraging it across multiple platforms they are the equivalent to a low handicap golfer. Sure an SEO agency could improve their rankings in the SERP’s by doing higher level tactics like link building, on page optimization and the like but they are probably in a competitive industry. Doing so takes a lot of time, effort and yes money. Just like the time, effort and money it takes a low handicap golfer to improve just a little bit. High Handicappers often get neglected by the bloggers when it comes to listing down popular golf drivers, so I just thought of writing down this piece to help beginners with best most forgiving driver for high handicappers with a focus on their most common challenges. A complementing driver can help elevate their driving prowess on the range. It’s often argued that Fairway woods are better suited for beginners due to their shorter shafts. Yet when it comes to hitting off a long tee, there’s no better option than a decent driver.

The average handicap in the US when I left the golf business was 19. This basically equates to shooting mid 90’s for 18 holes. Even for the average golfer that’s a lot of trips to Lost Golf Balls, who I’m helping with their own content creation, to buy more golf balls after another round of penalty strokes. Anyone who had a handicap in the 20’s thought they weren’t very good, but the truth was they weren’t far away from being on par (pun intended) with the rest of the country. The thing I saw that helped these high handicappers the most?

Playing more golf.

While it seems like common sense it almost always held true. Most of the time the worse a golfer was the less golf they played. Once they started to play more the better they got. It certainly didn’t hurt them to have some direction from a golf professional but basically just playing more golf made them better golfers. Once they started to play more I was then able to see what needed tweaking and I was able to help them improve faster.

I see the same from most companies in regards to their online marketing. They wonder why they don’t rank high in search engines but don’t even think about producing any content. A lot of the time they don’t even have a website that allows them to post new content very easily. They are the high handicap golfers of the business world. These companies don’t need to be over whelmed with fancy SEO terms and dump a ton of money into the equivalent of new golf clubs. They just need to start.

Start producing content. Start to embrace a culture of content creation within your companies. Having an agency to guide them will help, just like having a golf pro guide you in the right direction when you try to lower your handicap will help. The main thing for most companies when it comes to improving their SEO is to just start doing more of the things that search engines like to see.

Spend your time, effort and budget on creating more content. You will be surprised at how much your SEO improves as a result.

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