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Is Helpful, Accredited, and Worth It?

2,000+ courses 107,000+ video tutorials 250+ authors 400+ employees 2,500,000 members … as little as $25/month is an online video tutorial and training website that teaches computer skills in video format to members through monthly and annual subscriptions.  The … read more +

Is Captain D’s Missing the Boat on Communication

My son and I recently visited our local Captain D’s restaurant. It’s not one we go to regularly, but used to be a favorite of mine growing up and was definitely one of my Meemaw’s favorite places for us to … read more +

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: Definitions and Strategies

It’s apparent that there has been a major shift in marketing strategy and tactics over the last decade or so. Due in large part to the rise of technology, the rules of marketing have changed.   We now live in a … read more +

Google Analytics Test Study Guide and Preparation

I recently took the Google Analytics Individual Qualification test, so while it is still fresh in my mind I want to share some valuable insight into the test and links to resources that will help you pass the test with … read more +

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