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Twitter Handles for Local Business Citation Sources

Problems with local business listings and citations are an everyday thing. Both business owners in DIY mode and local seo consultants alike have lost a lot of hair in the past few years trying to fix the usual issues. We all know the internet isn’t perfect and websites are going to have problems. Every now …


Is Helpful, Accredited, and Worth It?

2,000+ courses 107,000+ video tutorials 250+ authors 400+ employees 2,500,000 members … as little as $25/month is an online video tutorial and training website that teaches computer skills in video format to members through monthly and annual subscriptions.  The goal of the website is to teach users software, business, and design skills to achieve …


WTF is a Digital Marketing Quarterback?

I recently spoke with a CEO regarding their frustration with their digital marketing. Despite the time, money and effort her company had spent, no one could really identify any meaningful outcomes. I couldn’t think of a nice way to say “you’re doing it wrong”, so instead we drew on football as an analogy to digital …