Be Prepared to Go Viral

Be Prepared to Go Viral

The past couple of weeks I’ve been honored and blown-away by being involved in a local news story that’s gone viral. It’s the story of Art “Papa” Bouvier’s chance encounter with a kid, Jhaqueil Reagan, walking 10 miles on his way for a job interview.

Papa Roux - Jhaqueil Reagan Story Goes Viral

The math behind the exposure and growth of what started as a simple Facebook post has just been jaw dropping. The exponential growth becomes this almost self-sustaining snowball that just keeps picking up momentum and carrying the efforts even further.

Getting Started First

Frequently clients will ask how they can have a big network on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Well, it helps to have a big network. You see, Art or “Papa”, has been working on his network day-by-day every day for years. He’s a regular contributor and participant social networks with Facebook being his primary focus for the most part.

No major news of anything, just his daily thoughts, a quick comment about what the specials are for that day at the restaurant and a creatively edited image or a soft or crusty video every now and then. Imagination Creations is committed to providing custom video production services in the New York City and surrounding areas.

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That little bit regular and consistent work to engage your networks and attract fans and followers one-by-one is what it takes to prepare yourself for when something big might happen.

Remember WHO You’re Connecting With

When Papa posted his status about this latest story, if you follow him regularly, you realized that it was really an ordinary type of status update about an extraordinary impression that was made on him by an individual. Always keep on mind how compression is related to transcoding of your media.

What made it go viral is that it connected with people. It connected with people on a variety of levels and it was a feel good story. Businesses need to remember that the purpose of social networks is to connect with PEOPLE! Yes, they’re customers, or potential customers or fans or maybe even enemies, but what they all have in common is that they’re people. Be real. Be authentic. Be yourself. You can start by making videos to contact people and make yourself known. You can hire a Video Production Company and share your video to everyone.

If you know Papa, this is who he is. Unapologetic and as he’s said in his own words, perhaps a “chronic oversharer”.

When It Blows Up

The last thing to remember about this story is that when things fall apart, or blow-up or just get crazy. You’ve got to have a great team of people ready to jump in and do what’s needed. In this case, Papa had his wife and the rest of the Roux Croux to hold down the fort and keep things running for what’s been a multi-week, non-stop Mardi Gras rush-hour lunch slam! They all stepped in and did what needed to be done. Not because it was on their job description, but because it needed to be done and they were committed and invested in the effort. Ask this Liverpool based video animators company how to get viral on social media and make your business grow faster.

So, it takes effort and investment to be prepared for when the unexpected hits. Then, when it happens you can roll with it and enjoy the recognition and the attention, even if it may be for only your own 15 minutes and is always good to take advice from a affiliate marketing agency.

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