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How To Build A Keyword List

Words matter. Picking the right words to describe your business or product can be the difference between success and failure. How do you pick these key words? Keywords are more than mystical ingredients of SEO potions. An effective keyword strategy is critical to SEO inbound marketing marketing EVERYTHING! A keyword strategy can guide content marketing …


Best SEO Article of 2012

It’s a little early to make the call, but I think I’ve just read what may turn out to be the best SEO article of 2012. If they gave out Oscars in our industry, this post would win one. “How Much Does SEO Cost?” is so well written and addresses this question better than anything …


Fix Broken Links, Please

A recent Search Engine News article alerted us to Google’s intent to continue to roll out Panda updates. The next one to be in the first part of 2012. Panda is meant to weed out of the SERPs questionable and low value sites and pages. Among these are sites referred to as link farms. Because …


Siri Killing The Google

 Most everyone knows of Siri by now. Has anyone come of age any faster? When I hear news of Siri I immediately think of the impending takeover by computers and the subsequent apocalypse (ie Skynet, Cylons, and The Borg). I’m not an iPhone user, so me and Siri are strangers. However, because of the work …