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Lara’s Purple Butt Pillow

My friend Lara provides a “facebook ads done for you” service. She’s what I consider a real expert. Recently, she published a really insightful article about an age-old problem: how do you know if the marketing works? You’ve seen the Facebook ads for the purple butt pillow. Lara uses her own customer journey to illustrate …


Twitter Handles for Local Business Citation Sources

Problems with local business listings and citations are an everyday thing. Both business owners in DIY mode and local seo consultants alike have lost a lot of hair in the past few years trying to fix the usual issues. We all know the internet isn’t perfect and websites are going to have problems. Every now …


Help With Online Customer Reviews

Are you listening? There may be nothing more important to a local business than online customer reviews. They are a big deal, as was stressed by Joe in his recent blog post. Not enough can be said to get this point across. To help pound this home again, I wanted to share a great infographic …


Your SEO Might Be Dead

How’s your SEO? Is it pushing up the daisies? Pining for the fjords? Perhaps it’s dead. At least what you may have thought it was is dead. If you’re a business owner who has yet to get on the SEO bandwagon, this post is for you. If you’re one of those people who can’t resist …